A Life in Bus Passes

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How do you mark time?

Recently, there’s a trend among the young mom set to snap pics of their “littles” next to a living or even stuffed pet.


Something stable and unchanging with which to measure growth.

Photos of our two sons in front of a Dutch Elm or Red Maple on the first day of preschool all the way to highschool present a problem.

Trees grow too!

Discovering our oldest son’s personal yearbook I’d assembled at a time when my hubby used our one car to get to work and back, delighted me. Monthly bus passes he’d used to get to school and back next to his cherished face helped me really see him.

A tired smile. A great big grin. A flash of annoyance in his baby-blues.

The passage of time through captured emotion!

We’re nearly 4/12 through another year. The calendar pages flying.

Our family’s grown from four to seven in under a decade.


I’d hoped for nine.

Joy mingles with sorrow as the month of April wanes.

While I’ve just started my “fifififififties” (as a dear friend likes to say) it’s the last 1/12 for my hubby who’s a tad more “formerly youthful.”

“What about the future?” We’re asking each other more and more.

Residual health issues and financial reversals aside–What do we want life to look like?

Say what you will about Christopher Columbus–his quote inspires:

“Following the light of the Sun we left the Old World behind.”

Would you have the courage to petition a King and Queen to fund your dreams and make the risky voyage across oceans?

Would I?

In my corner of the world, my biggest adventure is incubating and nurturing a dove egg orphaned a day ago.

The odds are stacked against us. But she now has a name: Victoria. Tori for short. Her moniker comes from tor the Hebrew word for dove.

A few friends have rallied around me when the professionals and experts I’ve called offered condolences. My hubby holds me AND his tongue.

It’s just one egg in a world replete with rock pigeons.

Who really cares?

The One Who notices a single sparrow that falls to the ground (Matthew 10:29).

Who’s seen every emoji cross our faces in real life.

Just now the cooing of a mourning dove floated from our back yard.

So, live or die, I can rest assured at having done all to sustain life.


That’s a trip worth taking.

Author: Glenda Zylinski

Glenda Zylinski lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Paul. They have two grown sons and two grandchildren.

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