What do two major league sports teams, traffic signs, and two local churches have in common?



The sun was barely peeking over the horizon this morning when I clicked on the television to a SPORTS ALERT! on a cable news channel. Considered a breaking story, it interrupted an important business segment.

According to the sports reporter, “record rainfall during the excavation phase” has caused a premier architecture firm to state a one-year delay in the opening of a much-anticipated stadium.

This fact could keep one of the two So-Cal teams in LA LA LAND–who will be sharing the colossal arena–from rebranding their team, including their uniforms.


This got me thinking further about an unexpected announcement our pastor only very recently made to our vagabond congregation at the beginning of a worship service.

In a strange twist, we will be combining our church (that has been in search of a building for over five years…) with another local body of believers (with a beautiful structure) whose pastor is retiring after many decades of faithful service.

This is the first CHURCH MERGE my hubby and I will be a part of.

Still reeling from the exciting news–on the drive home, we had an interesting conversation.

“I’ve known of too many church splits. But a church merge? It’s a great thing, right?” I said.

“But it feels the same.” He said.

He glanced over.

After a few seconds of puzzling out his odd answer-

“You mean the hurt feelings, the grieving, and people leaving because they can’t bear the change?” I said.

He nodded.

Meetings with people from both sides of a river that currently separates us found many flinging nervous and good-natured bantering about the Capulets and Montagues as well as the Brady Bunch.

This morning during prayer and more ruminating on this barely weeks away from sharing “four walls” with new brothers and sisters in Christ, I wondered if rules of the road could offer any insight.

Over the course of hurrying to and fro from one errand to the next on the highways in our region, close calls, accidents, and even deaths have happened for failures to properly enter the flow of traffic.

A Google search whisked me to the Washington State Department of Licensing Driver Guide.

This is how I (and prolly many others, too!) feel right now:

Enter and the section about traffic signs:

“Traffic signs tell you about traffic rules, hazards, where you are, how to get where you are going and where services are located.”

A whole page is dedicated to yielding and right of way!

“You must be alert to what is going on around you–many collisions occur because drivers do not pay enough attention to their driving.”


“You can avoid distracted driving by remembering the ‘5 D’s’.

  • Dangerous.
  • Deceptive.
  • Destructive.
  • Disabling.
  • Deadly.”

Did you know that merge signs are considered common traffic warning signs?

Not me!

“These signs are usually yellow [such a happy color!] with black lettering or symbols and most are diamond shaped. These signs warn you to slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary. They warn you of sharp curves, special situations, speed zones or hazards ahead.”

No one can tell how the sharing of a massive NFL Football stadium will go for the Chargers and Rams.

And driving my car here and there and everywhere demands vigilance and attention to details. I pray others are doing the same.

A look into God’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth found me culling trustworthy truths from Romans chapter 12 to help me as I do my part to ensure a smooth-as-possible-in-light-of-all-the-others-on-this-path transition:

“Therefore I (the apostle Paul) urge you brothers and sisters in view of God’s mercy to:

  1. As living sacrifices offer true and proper worship and be faithful in prayer.
  2. As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone/live in harmony.
  3. Humbly serve/yield when necessary.
  4. Be devoted to one another in sincere love.
  5. Be joyful in hope!”

“Hope is the confident expectation of something better tomorrow.” -Dr. James MacDonald





Author: Glenda Zylinski

Glenda Zylinski lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Paul. They have two grown sons and two grandchildren.

4 thoughts on “Tri-Bond”

  1. Merging is always better than splitting, but it has always puzzled me that some people seem to prefer division over unity.

    Maybe we should follow God’s handbook like you showed in this article Glenda. I’m sure it would keep us out of the ditches, prevent road rage and disharmony and get us safely to our destination together. That is my prayer for drivers and churches today.

    Thanks for sharing this article.
    Smiles, BRC

  2. Thanks for this reminder. Any new season can be scary, but Romans 8:28 never fails! 🙂 God bless, my friend. Sorry I’ve been off the radar. Just taking a second to breathe before going back under 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking a turn with me on the path today, Rebekah! What a treat to see your smile! And the reminder “in ALL things!”
      How I needed that today. Blessings received and boomeranged back. 🙂

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